So, I’ve been reading…

Sometimes as a writer it’s just as important to read the work of other people to help feel inspired.
I’ve been reading this self-help book and I got to say, it’s very insightful. It has tips for blogging and useful information if you’re interested in making your blog profitable. I’m not really into this blogging thing for money, more so for recognition for my writing, but if you’re interested in the making-a-profit-from-your-blog part, you may find this book quite informative. 

Anyway, in the next few weeks I plan to publish excerpts from my novel A kind of homecoming. I’m always keen to hear from those that have read it and to read your thoughts. Please though, if you’re going to criticise, it has to be constructive. No one wins from negativity. 

I’ll post as often as I can, but life does sneak up on me. Watch this space! ✌👍


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