In Search Of The Finish Line

I’m the kind of writer that starts off with fist-pumping motivation when I begin a new book. The words flow onto the page like the heavy flow of cold water from a faucet. Then life kicks me in the stomach and I struggle to get back up. In other words, life can get busy and I end up suffering from writer’s block. 

Thankfully, the writer’s block thing doesn’t last for too long, but the effects of it are very raw for a wee bit after I’ve recovered from my writing illness.

It seems like it’ll be forever before I finish my novel, A kind of homecoming. What was supposed to be around 18 chapters has now ballooned to 22, possibly even 25. Not that I’m complaining, it’s better than not having enough to write, but the story has taken a new turn that I did not forsee when I first began writing it, and even though that’s a good thing, I kind of want to finish my character’s story and either have a go at self-publishing or submitting it *cringe* to a publisher. You know, feel the force of 100 rejections. 

So, aside from aspirations of finally finishing my book, I’m halfway through my communications diploma which is, at times, a little stressful and time consuming. I finished my first assignment for this semester last Thursday and it was intense. Because I was concentrating on making sure I included all the information required before submission, it’s left me with a small bout of writer’s block. I tried finishing chapter 20 on A kind of homecoming, but I only managed to write one sentence. So frustrating!

I’m considering changing the course of the chapter again. Maybe that’s how I can get myself out of writer’s block. Freshen the writing process, which could be why the story felt it was going a bit stale.

Anyway, so far in this writing journey I’ve learnt that most of the story doesn’t go as planned. I had a vivid direction as to where the story was going when I began the first chapter, but now, almost 20 chapters down, I don’t know how it’s going to finish. It’s like the story and the characters have taken on a world of their own, and it’s actually quite exciting. 

I think that, when the day finally comes to finish the story and say goodbye to the characters, it will be strange. I’ve spent 18 months with these fictional people I created, it will be an interesting experience when I can finally stop putting pen to paper.


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