Quote For Your Sunday 😊

Amen to that! It’s difficult to keep up your passion, your love, especially when life constantly throws us curveballs. But never give up! I’ve been writing my novel A kind of homecoming for over 18 months, and I get bored with it from time to time and then I write something else. But I always find myself going back to it 😊. Due in July, I know it’s my passion and I will see it through to the end! 💕

New Story In The Works

Coming in 2018…Follow up to The Rock Star’s Boyfriend (due July 2017)

Swimming In The Deep End

⭐ Follow up to The Rock Star’s Boyfriend ⭐

Zoe Paige and her best friend Michelle Connor decide to start their own publishing company.
After many hours entertaining potential top authors and networking like crazy, Zoe and Michelle finally land themselves the top prize – author of the moment, Holly Hill.

However, Holly is demanding and only interested in money and Zoe’s boyfriend, the comeback king of progressive rock, superstar Mason Kent.

Michelle wants to cut Holly loose, but with a contract that would cost Magenta Publishing thousands to end, Zoe and Michelle will have to bend over backwards for the blonde bombshell of the book world.

Can Zoe keep her business, her famous client and her boyfriend without losing it all, including her sanity?